If you came here to find out about The Complete Directors Kit

then I have some Good news and some Bad news

First the Bad news

Ive decided to take The Complete Directors Kit off the market. I'm sorry if you wanted to get it because you are launching your new pageant and looking for examples of promotional materials, entry forms, auditor and judge sheets, letters for sponsors, and all the other documents you must have to pull off a successful pageant.

Now the Good news.

I'm adding extra stuff to the Kit. I've been compiling a series of videos to show you how I prepare and produce my own pageants. I call the whole series The Directors Video Journal.

Some people learn better by actually seeing how things are done. Other people learn better from listening. So I'm including this new video series in The Complete Directors Kit. Its make the kit a Triple Whammy.

Studies have shown that people learn better when they get information in different formats.

* The documents in the kit appeal to the part of your brain that learns better from reading.

* The audio interviews and audio version of the book How to Start and Direct Your Own Pageants appeal to the part of your brain that understands sounds and spoken words.

* The new video The Directors Video Journal rounds out the learning process by showing a real Pageant Director going through the steps of running a real pageant.

By combining the video into the Kit I've made a package that any person who is passionate about starting up a beauty pageant just can't do with out.

I've put segments up on the web recently to give you a tatse of what you'll get from The Directors Video Journal. Here is a sample.......

(If you are using internet explorer you may get a warning at the top of your screen about active x, just click on allow to see the video)



Here is another video with more information..........



These videos give you just a taste of the full banquet of information you can have on your pageant table. Am I making you hungry?

Well there is even more Good news.

I've decided to lower the price. The original price was $199, and thats with out the video. Considering the amount of information in the kit and that it took me 16 years to gather this stuff that price was a bargain.

But the economy has been so bad many people have been struggling to keep their quality of life. Many passionate peole have told me they really want the kit, but it is just out of their price range. Okay I feel your pain. And not only that but christmas is coming up too.

So I've lowered the total price of the Kit, including the new, Director's Video Journal, to only $97.

At that price there is no way you can pass upThe Complete Director's Kit if you truly desire to start and direct your own pageant. And the Kit will still have all the other bonuses in it like The Judges Handbook, a Program Book to copy, the bonus audio interviews, and other stuff.

So thats the Good news....

but more Bad news...

the new revised Kit is not ready yet.


But it will be ready sometime in December of 2008, or sooner, so if you send me your name and email I'll put you on a list and let you know as soon as its available. I promise that you information will not be given to anyone else. Fill in the form below...

You will get an email confirming that you were interested in this information so click yes and you will get another message from me thanking you for your interest. So stay tuned.